Harry Langdon has yet to be rediscovered, he is an acquired taste. A comedian whose strength was pantomime done slowly.

Born in Counsel Bluffs Iowa to William and Lavinia Langdon, Harry staged productions in his neighborhood and sold newspapers to make money to see plays in Omaha's theater district.

Making his way into vaudville, Harry gained fame performing his act "Johnny's New Car".
He decided to try movies and had initially spoke to Hal Roach who would not meet his asking price.

Harry eventually signed with Mack Sennett. He tried to fit in with the Sennett style of comedy but it didn't suit him.
His fortunes changed, the writing team of Arthur Ripley and Frank Capra along with director Harry Edwards slowed down the pace and concentrated on Harry's unique character.

Langdon gained popularity with each successive short.
He shot to stardom with his initial features. "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" in 1926 and the fantastic "The Strong Man" showed a different kind of character. Harry followed this feature with "Long Pants".

Problems with the production angered Harry and he fired Capra as his director.
Taking the reins of future productions hurt Harry and his movies became less and less popular.

His star rose fast and fell just as fast.

It is my hope that Harry Langdon gets rediscovered.

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